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Office interior imageInformation security is a huge topic these days. Everywhere you look there has been another hack. It seems like no one is being trained in security. So imagine my surprise when I found a company doing exactly that.
Godfrey is the founder and owner of Parapoint, a technology school in Mcdonough Ga. He has turned his passion for technology and security into a teaching facility.
Parapoint’s curriculums offer the latest technology and include information security training for each. They have managed to do what no other institution has accomplished.
Join me as I become a student again and learn the benefits to information security in a digital age.
garrett masseyOne word to describe my guest? Sincere. Garrett Massey is the founder and owner of Eyesore Inc., a highly successful Web Development agency. Eyesore has a client list that includes small businesses and fortune 500 companies alike.

Garrett takes great pride in his agency’s work, and with the number of repeat clients, he has good reason to.

How does he do it? What makes him successful? Find out this week in URGriffin’s Business Success Interview.

Founders of Malt Maker MediaThis week in URGriffin’s Business Success Interview, I sat down with Daniel Bowman from Malt Maker Media. Daniel has worked on feature films and national level commercials. He is part of the team behind Oscar Nominated “Carol” which stars Cate Blanchett.
Formed by Tommy Ruth, Zack Brewer, and Daniel Bowman, Malt Maker Media is a commercial production company. From local videos to national level commercials, they deliver top quality productions.
Join us as we talk about successful habits, turning a profit, and business success.