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logoWhat do you think about when someone mentions having a contractor or other service person come to their home?

If it’s being home from 8-12 waiting for someone to show up, you are not alone. (And why is it they always show up at 1 anyway?)

That’s where this week’s guest outshines the competition. Shane Brock of Ideal Creations shows up on time, every time. He delivers exactly what he says he will. Shane believes in delivering the highest level of service to clients.

His service? Ideal Creations is a full-service home construction company. From property line to property line, they handle it all. They even cut your grass.

Click through to this week’s Business Success Interview and discover a contractor changing the game by following through on his word.


Really_Killer_SystemsThe American dream is having the freedom to create your own path in life. Being able to work hard and see great success result from it. Well that’s exactly what Jim and Mary Beck of Really Killer Systems have accomplished.

RKS started on the floor of a single-wide trailer 25 years ago (they eventually upgraded to the kitchen table). Today they are a multi-million-dollar company and the industry leader in manufacturing gaming machine interface circuit boards. From hunting for transistors in the carpet to servicing companies across the world, RKS is an American success story.

It was my pleasure to be able to sit down with Jim and Mary, two of the smartest, most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. Join me in this week’s Business Success Interview as I discover what it takes to live the American Dream.

Ron Smith Attorney in Fayetteville georgiaSo, there’s this personal injury lawyer taking a real interest in his clients. He listens to them and even visits them at their home, hoping to understand their case better.

Sounds like a joke or a fairy tale, right? Well this is no joke. Ron Smith is a personal injury lawyer doing exactly that. Taking the time to listen, understand, and help his clients get treated fair.

Ron’s practice “Ron Smith Attorney at Law LLC” is in Fayetteville. He represents a variety of clients and is serious about how they are treated. Ron takes time with his clients, ensuring they get treated fair.

If you want someone in your corner when you are at your worst, Ron Smith is the lawyer for you.

Join me in this week’s Business Success Interview as I discover a lawyer with a real passion for helping people.

sheryl watford

Sheryl Watford of YEP, Your Events and Promotions

Want a promotional item made in America, that will impress your clients? Who doesn’t? My guest this week offers this exact service.

YEP, Your Events and Promotions is a promotion company run by Sheryl Watford. With a slogan like “YEP We Can Do That!” you expect a lot, and the owner, Sheryl Watford delivers on that promise.

Sheryl is a powerhouse of a woman who loves to create connections for people. Sheryl served on the board of the Fayette Chamber of Commerce for three years and was the Executive Director of Fayette Care Clinic for 10 years.

So how effective is a stylus pen at branding? Is it really made in America? Are women good business owners? Find out right now in URGriffin’s Business Success Interview.