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Asaf logoThe sound of shattering glass causes you to bolt upright. Still groggy, you fight off the remnants of sleep as you strain to listen. Was it a dream? Is someone breaking in? Is your family in danger?


If you had an alarm system, you wouldn’t have to ask. This week’s guest can help with exactly that, Jimmy Walker of Advanced Security and Fire installs alarm systems that are on the cutting edge of home security technology. His company makes sure that your family is safe and sound 24/7.

Jimmy Walker has a passion for security and customer service and has brought them together with Advanced Security and Fire. He brings a personal relationship to each installation and is proud of that fact.

Join me as I find out what makes ASAF one of the alarm industry leaders in this week’s Business Success Interview.


Nancy Lewis of Progressive TechniquesThis week I interviewed Nancy J. Lewis, author, corporate coach, and inspirational speaker with a list of accolades that are longer than you have time to hear. Nancy is a passionate and Godly woman set firmly upon a path she feels is her true calling.


Nancy is the owner of Progressive Techniques, Inc. where she offers corporate consulting, motivational speaking, corporate training, and other services to companies looking to make the best of their workforce.


Find out what it takes to Develop a Better You in this week’s #Business #Success Interview.

Kay smilingHow often have you described another person as riveting? Personally, I would never have used that phrase. Then I sat and spoke with Kay Smith.

Every time she spoke I lost my place and ended up fumbling around to recover. Each word comes across as perfectly chosen to deliver her point without excess or waste and leaves you wanting to hear what comes next.

When I went looking for my place Kay made me feel comfortable and at ease (despite my rising embarrassment). This is what makes her exactly the person I would want to handle my insurance. She never once took offense or even appeared to notice my fumbling. Instead, she looked on with genuine interest as I found my place and continued along with the interview. I felt like she cared about my well-being more than the interview.

Kay is the owner of SIG Financial Services, LLC. She is licensed to offer a wide array of policies but focuses on life and commercial insurance. She is a small business insurance expert and finds ways for businesses and people to get exactly the right policy for them. And she is really good at listening to your needs and addressing them.

So please, join me as I sit down with one of the most impactful and compassionate people I have ever met in this week’s Business Success Interview.