Monthly Archives: June 2017

Kristen Dutton and Robert JonesDespite the seriousness and drudgery of her work, Kristen Dutton does not look stressed or bored. She sat behind her desk smiling throughout the interview and answered each question thoughtfully.

As she spoke it occurred to me; she genuinely loves her work. It is clear she takes it serious but at the end of the day, Kristen Dutton is happy being a CPA.

Perhaps that is what makes her so darn good at it. Well, I am sure her years as a corporate CPA help, but nothing can beat doing what you love.

Join me as I sit down with Kristen Dutton, owner of Dutton Cavanaugh Public Accounting. Let’s discover what drives this smart, passionate woman to success in this week’s Business Success Interview.

Dr. John Vu Georgia Welness SolutionsDirect Primary Care is a term in the medical world that just keeps turning up. From national coverage on Fox news to the many practices that are starting to spring up everyone seems to be talking about it. So what is it, why should you care, and what does it have to do with this week’s guest?

Dr. John Vu owns Georgia Welness Solutions and they are a DPC practice. At his practice a patitent does not have to worry about waiting in the lobby or being rushed. They can spend the time they need with him. This is because there are no insurance companies dictating payments to the Dr., instead a patient pays a monthly fee and that covers the cost.

Dr. Vu, other DPC doctors, and yes, us here at Unforgettable Reputation, believe this model provides better primary care for people; something that is sorely needed in today’s chaotic environment.

Come along with us and discover what makes DPC, John Vu, and Georgia Welness Solutions the future of medicine in America.

Chhaya Sei of The Eyecare Place McDonough GaCan true passion for customer service and a love of people really build a business? Absolutely it can, just ask Chhaya Sei of The EyeCare Place in McDonough Ga. He has built a successful business on exactly this idea.

The Eyecare Place delivers top quality prescription eyewear with a level of service that will blow you away. Just look at their Google and Facebook ratings and reviews.

Stop and talk with Chhaya for a few minutes and you will see a passionate and caring man determined to deliver the best to his patients.

Join me in this week’s Business Success Interview as I sit down with the passionate and caring owner of The Eyecare Place, Chhaya Sei.