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Deirdre Suggs of Signature Events and AssociatesPeople do not stop celebrating life just because life is happening! Even a recession cannot get in the way of a beautiful wedding.” – Deirdre Suggs, Signature Events & Associates

Ms. Suggs didn’t deliver this line like a business owner, she delivered it like a proud American, and with a conviction that I will not soon forget. The sparkle in her eye tells a story words cannot, one of success through perseverance, a story Deirdre knows well.

At one point in her business life Deirdre realized she could not keep up with the demand, both of her time and her body. She knew she had a hard decision to make, but she didn’t let that stop her.

She decided to take a sabbatical and come back later to rebuild a company she had already spent years building, knowing it would mean starting over.

And rebuild she has, Deirdre has built Signature Events & Associates into a thriving event planning business, offering beautiful events with a highly personalized approach that will leave you amazed and thrilled.

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Jack harding of Harding PlumbingLooking at Harding Plumbing and HVAV today you would never expect that they had suffered with the housing crisis. That’s because instead of throwing in the towel like so many other companies Jack Harding had the courage to adapt and overcome, forging forward with an expansion that saved the company.

Jack decided to expand into the heating and air market during the crisis and it took off, taking Harding Plumbing and HVAC from a struggling company to the profitable powerhouse it is today!

Join me in this week’s #Business #Success Interview as I sit down with the innovative Jack Harding and learn how this family business was saved from disaster by a chance encounter.