I still hear calls of “Four 12-tops going down!” in my sleep.

robert jones griffin gaI spent years working in restaurants at all levels. I learned the industry from the inside, from dishwasher to cook to management. It’s in my blood and I just feel at home in the chaos that is a restaurant. It gives me a distinct advantage over my competition.

Well, that and the years of college where I learned everything from Computer Science to Marketing and Business Management. 6 years of college and 2 degrees later, you have access to the best possible blend of restaurant and marketing knowledge available.

Which is what makes me uniquely qualified to understand how to connect your restaurant to your customers. I understand how to turn chaos into an approachable, friendly, and thriving community.

When I say “I turn one-time customers into Life-Long Regulars” it’s because I understand what makes both the restaurant and the customers tick, and I know how to connect the two. Synergy isn’t just an overused buzzword, it happens to be how the strongest communities are formed.

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