Business Success Interview

Deirdre Suggs of Signature Events and AssociatesPeople do not stop celebrating life just because life is happening! Even a recession cannot get in the way of a beautiful wedding.” – Deirdre Suggs, Signature Events & Associates

Ms. Suggs didn’t deliver this line like a business owner, she delivered it like a proud American, and with a conviction that I will not soon forget. The sparkle in her eye tells a story words cannot, one of success through perseverance, a story Deirdre knows well.

At one point in her business life Deirdre realized she could not keep up with the demand, both of her time and her body. She knew she had a hard decision to make, but she didn’t let that stop her.

She decided to take a sabbatical and come back later to rebuild a company she had already spent years building, knowing it would mean starting over.

And rebuild she has, Deirdre has built Signature Events & Associates into a thriving event planning business, offering beautiful events with a highly personalized approach that will leave you amazed and thrilled.

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Jack harding of Harding PlumbingLooking at Harding Plumbing and HVAV today you would never expect that they had suffered with the housing crisis. That’s because instead of throwing in the towel like so many other companies Jack Harding had the courage to adapt and overcome, forging forward with an expansion that saved the company.

Jack decided to expand into the heating and air market during the crisis and it took off, taking Harding Plumbing and HVAC from a struggling company to the profitable powerhouse it is today!

Join me in this week’s #Business #Success Interview as I sit down with the innovative Jack Harding and learn how this family business was saved from disaster by a chance encounter.

glenn valencia air alliance general partnerGlenn Valencia of Air Alliance is the kind of guy you instantly know will get the job done. He has an aura of “get it done” about him that screams serious businessman. Then you start speaking with him and you find this kind-hearted, powerful man that truly cares about his people and their clients.

Yes, Glenn is the ultimate businessman but not in the cliché ways that may spring to mind. He is more of the businessman you read about running the most successful companies. Up to date on tech, mindful of his employee’s lives, and passionate about doing the best job for his clients.

Join me in this week’s #Business #Success Interview and find out how a company with a solid leader can operate in any environment and be successful, even without a physical office!


Bob DanielsI have met all kinds of people, all over the place, from the Pope to the President of the United States.” – Bob Daniel, Southeast Staging Inc

Like one of the performers on the stages he builds, Bob Daniel tossed this line out like an epic Mic-Drop. For him it was just another fact in an already impressive life. For me, I needed a minute to process that statement.

Bob heard a market need and filled it with Southeast Staging Inc back in the 90’s when the Olympics were coming to town and staging companies in Atlanta were non-existent.

He has since built his company to where it is the largest provider of stages in the US, and along the way it seems he has run into some impressive people.

From Taylor Hicks to the Fast and Furious franchise Bob Daniel has provided quality stage solutions for a wide variety of people and industries and continues to innovate and improve the staging industry.

Which brings me back to his statement. What’s really impressive to me isn’t that he shook some important people’s hands. It’s that Bob hand built and innovated a company that has taken him from obscurity to having enough clout to meet world leaders.

Is there a purer example of the American Dream than that?

Let’s find out what makes Bob Daniel the man he is in this week’s #Business #Success Interview:

Amanda GilbertWhat is your biggest concern when you take your car in for service? If, like most people, you are worried about being treated poorly then you need to read this article. I found the perfect mechanic shop with an amazing woman running a top notch team of mechanics delivering service that will make you rethink the entire process!

Amanda Gilbert of Christian Brothers Automotive has a passion for finding the best mechanics. She scours agencies, newspapers, and has connections at local colleges, all in an effort to deliver the best quality to her customers. (Heck, if you are a mechanic or want to find one a job, you would be doing them a favor if you gave them her number!)

So if you want an oil change, tune-up, or other vehicle service at a place that will literally treat your vehicle better than you do yourself, stick around for this #Business #Success Interview and then give Amanda a call. You will not regret it!

Kristen Dutton and Robert JonesDespite the seriousness and drudgery of her work, Kristen Dutton does not look stressed or bored. She sat behind her desk smiling throughout the interview and answered each question thoughtfully.

As she spoke it occurred to me; she genuinely loves her work. It is clear she takes it serious but at the end of the day, Kristen Dutton is happy being a CPA.

Perhaps that is what makes her so darn good at it. Well, I am sure her years as a corporate CPA help, but nothing can beat doing what you love.

Join me as I sit down with Kristen Dutton, owner of Dutton Cavanaugh Public Accounting. Let’s discover what drives this smart, passionate woman to success in this week’s Business Success Interview.

Dr. John Vu Georgia Welness SolutionsDirect Primary Care is a term in the medical world that just keeps turning up. From national coverage on Fox news to the many practices that are starting to spring up everyone seems to be talking about it. So what is it, why should you care, and what does it have to do with this week’s guest?

Dr. John Vu owns Georgia Welness Solutions and they are a DPC practice. At his practice a patitent does not have to worry about waiting in the lobby or being rushed. They can spend the time they need with him. This is because there are no insurance companies dictating payments to the Dr., instead a patient pays a monthly fee and that covers the cost.

Dr. Vu, other DPC doctors, and yes, us here at Unforgettable Reputation, believe this model provides better primary care for people; something that is sorely needed in today’s chaotic environment.

Come along with us and discover what makes DPC, John Vu, and Georgia Welness Solutions the future of medicine in America.

Chhaya Sei of The Eyecare Place McDonough GaCan true passion for customer service and a love of people really build a business? Absolutely it can, just ask Chhaya Sei of The EyeCare Place in McDonough Ga. He has built a successful business on exactly this idea.

The Eyecare Place delivers top quality prescription eyewear with a level of service that will blow you away. Just look at their Google and Facebook ratings and reviews.

Stop and talk with Chhaya for a few minutes and you will see a passionate and caring man determined to deliver the best to his patients.

Join me in this week’s Business Success Interview as I sit down with the passionate and caring owner of The Eyecare Place, Chhaya Sei.

Asaf logoThe sound of shattering glass causes you to bolt upright. Still groggy, you fight off the remnants of sleep as you strain to listen. Was it a dream? Is someone breaking in? Is your family in danger?


If you had an alarm system, you wouldn’t have to ask. This week’s guest can help with exactly that, Jimmy Walker of Advanced Security and Fire installs alarm systems that are on the cutting edge of home security technology. His company makes sure that your family is safe and sound 24/7.

Jimmy Walker has a passion for security and customer service and has brought them together with Advanced Security and Fire. He brings a personal relationship to each installation and is proud of that fact.

Join me as I find out what makes ASAF one of the alarm industry leaders in this week’s Business Success Interview.