Loyal Regulars: How Restaurant Owners Succeed

Robert’s passion for helping restaurant owners succeed leads him to interview restaurant owners who have made it, uncovering the secrets to long term success. Follow along and discover tips and tricks to reduce employee turnover, bring more customers in the door, create loyal regulars, and succeed in the restaurant industry.

Image of chef Pascal cutting some tomatosWhile you may find an open table, the truth is Pascal’s Bistro is so busy that you need reservations every night or you’re probably not going to eat. Serving only the best hand-selected ingredients, Pascal’s is one of the most successful restaurants in Peachtree City. Great food, incredible atmosphere, and amazing people make Pascal’s one of the best, but the real secret lies in Pascal himself.

Everyone searches for the work they would be happy doing for the rest of their lives. Not just a job, but the type of work where their biggest complaint is going from working 96 hours a week down to 72. (Yes you read that correctly, passion to the point that working less is lamented.) Pascal has found exactly this and from the moment I shook his hand, his passion was inspiring.

Join me as I ask this ultra successful and incredibly passionate restaurant owner the secret to creating astounding success in a highly competitive market.