SEO & AdSense

Making Google work for your restaurant.

Why us

Get in front of hungry people when they are searching


SEO is using words in your marketing and social posts, likes, and shares to convince Google to show your restaurant to someone searching for “restaurants near me” or something similar.

AdSense is Google’s advertising that allows your company to be in front of people that are just hungry, like when they search for “great chicken dishes”.

Our experts get your company in front of more people when they are specifically ready to engage your services. Both SEO and AdSense allow your restaurant to be on the top of Google when properly managed.

Our mission

Turn one-time customers into Life-Long Regulars.

Our core services

SEO Strategy

What phrases will get you the most results without a huge cost? This is where we determine how we will talk to Google to convince it to show your restaurant more frequently when people are searching.

AdSense Strategy

Have Google itself work for your company by placing ads on the sites they visit, keeping your company top of mind from site to site as they navigate the internet.

Fully Managed Campaigns

From analysis to implementation, sit back and enjoy the results of your team of experts focusing on increasing your exposure.

Personal Account Manager

Stay informed and involved without wasting your time by having a personal contact visit you each month when you choose.

Report and Strategy Meetings

Save time with easy to understand reports and brief meetings each month. Know the direction your marketing is going and give feedback on past results.

Our project workflow
marketing strategy

Research & analyse

We begin by analyzing your entire local market, past Google trends, search terms, and other relevant social factors. Then we determine the best plan of action moving forward.

be different color pencil

Design & develop

Once we understand what is likely to work the best, we develop the campaigns and incorporate the SEO terms into your current marketing.

social media team collaborating

Launch & monitor

The first campaigns are launched and we begin the process of monitoring results, evaluating what works and 86ing what doesn’t. It’s this stage that we repeat week after week and month after month to increase your brand exposure faster and more effectively than anyone else.

Time investment by project stage
Research and Analysis
Plan and Strategize
Content Creation and Management
Advertisement Management
Reports and Strategy Sessions