Social Media Marketing

Restaurant community building.

Why us

Our Social Media Marketing Creates Life-Long Regulars

Restaurant regulars often tell people about their favorite server, dish, or moment and they will return through good times and bad. But what really keeps them coming back?

It’s the same reason they will follow your best server to a new location, even when they prefer your food. They establish a relationship that makes them feel welcome and comfortable.

So how do we use this to your advantage? We create an online community that makes them feel welcome and comfortable. Through this connection it’s no longer just a great server or your delicious food keeping them coming back, it’s your brand’s culture.

Our mission

Turn one-time customers into Life-Long Regulars.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Strategy

Your map to success. Know where you are going and exactly how you will get there.

Ideal Market Persona

Understand exactly who you want to have as a regular and precisely what promotions, content, branding, and marketing will attract them to your restaurant.

Fully Managed Campaigns

Enjoy the extra time and reduced frustration by having us focus on bringing people in, while you focus on your business.

Personal Account Manager

Stay informed and involved without wasting your time by having a personal contact visit you each month when you choose.

Report and Strategy Meetings

Save time with easy to understand reports and brief meetings each month. Know the direction your marketing is going and give feedback on past results.

Advertisement Management

Reach customers that would never have heard about your restaurant with expertly managed advertising.

Our project workflow
marketing strategy

Research & analyse

We begin by analyzing your restaurant, it’s current customer demographics, and online presence. During this stage our analysts determines precisely what makes each of your locations unique and how the local culture can be best used to convert customers to regulars.

be different color pencil

Design & develop

Once we understand what makes your restaurant the most revenue we go to work creating the strategy, ideal regular persona, and marketing campaigns for each location. This process takes some time but like with a house, it’s the foundation that everything else is built upon.

social media team collaborating

Launch & monitor

The first campaigns are launched and we begin the process of monitoring results, evaluating what works and 86ing what doesn’t. It’s this stage that we repeat week after week and month after month to build your community faster and more effectively than anyone else.

Time investment by project stage
Research and Analysis
Plan and Strategize
Content Creation and Management
Advertisement Management
Reports and Strategy Sessions