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Amanda GilbertWhat is your biggest concern when you take your car in for service? If, like most people, you are worried about being treated poorly then you need to read this article. I found the perfect mechanic shop with an amazing woman running a top notch team of mechanics delivering service that will make you rethink the entire process!

Amanda Gilbert of Christian Brothers Automotive has a passion for finding the best mechanics. She scours agencies, newspapers, and has connections at local colleges, all in an effort to deliver the best quality to her customers. (Heck, if you are a mechanic or want to find one a job, you would be doing them a favor if you gave them her number!)

So if you want an oil change, tune-up, or other vehicle service at a place that will literally treat your vehicle better than you do yourself, stick around for this #Business #Success Interview and then give Amanda a call. You will not regret it!