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Bob DanielsI have met all kinds of people, all over the place, from the Pope to the President of the United States.” – Bob Daniel, Southeast Staging Inc

Like one of the performers on the stages he builds, Bob Daniel tossed this line out like an epic Mic-Drop. For him it was just another fact in an already impressive life. For me, I needed a minute to process that statement.

Bob heard a market need and filled it with Southeast Staging Inc back in the 90’s when the Olympics were coming to town and staging companies in Atlanta were non-existent.

He has since built his company to where it is the largest provider of stages in the US, and along the way it seems he has run into some impressive people.

From Taylor Hicks to the Fast and Furious franchise Bob Daniel has provided quality stage solutions for a wide variety of people and industries and continues to innovate and improve the staging industry.

Which brings me back to his statement. What’s really impressive to me isn’t that he shook some important people’s hands. It’s that Bob hand built and innovated a company that has taken him from obscurity to having enough clout to meet world leaders.

Is there a purer example of the American Dream than that?

Let’s find out what makes Bob Daniel the man he is in this week’s #Business #Success Interview: